Diana Rodriguez

Diana holds a B.A. in Communications with a minor in Marketing from Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Over the last 25 years, Diana has been responsible for overseeing the research department
of various local market research companies and advising project teams on complex analytical and methodological issues. She was also in charge of leading the Client Service Division in several of these companies.

She has focused her efforts in a number of specific areas including: brand awareness and image, new product testing, and customer satisfaction.
As an experienced focus group moderator and in-depth interviewer,
who also handles debriefing and strategy sessions, her experience spans
a wide variety of industries, including: consumer retail, banking and pharmaceuticals.

With ample experience in the international and domestic market, she was
an instrumental part in the development of a multi-country branding and segmentation study in all of Central and South America.

She is a QRCA member since 2008 and was the team leader for eight years
in an ongoing consumer study that tracks consumer insights, environment, attitudes, and behaviors of Puerto Rican consumers as they relate to and impact the supermarket industry for MIDA (Marketing and Distribution
of the Food Industry Chamber).

Diana likes to spend her weekends at the beach, relaxing reading a good book and enjoying her grandkids.

Angelica Isabel Rosario
Quantitative Division Director / Research Specialist
[email protected]

22 years of experience in designing, processing data
and analyzing results of quantitative market research projects.

Experience with multiple quantitative sampling and data acquisition methods (face-to-face interviews, internet, phone, mystery audits) Strong knowledge of quantitative research and related statistical methods.

Experience in designing and leading multi-market tracking studies for both consumer and business-to-business research.

Diana Oliver
Field Director
[email protected]

Led by Diana Oliver and as a firm that does all market research recruiting in-house, we know that the process can be challenging.

Diana possesses all the necessary skills to successfully lead a team of recruiter to bring in high quality respondents by…interviewing respondents by telephone, confirming attendance, scheduling all qualitative studies, filling out client data spread sheet to keep participants information for client approval, coordinate facility and training of new recruiters as needed.